Week Two Update. 1/2 Marathon Training

Womp womp. I did not follow the schedule well at all. You know how there are days you don’t *feel* like getting out of bed and then there are days when your body says, “Nope. Need more sleep please?” Well the latter option is how I felt most of this week. Like I said last week, I’ve got time! And I do think I probably could have skipped a week or two of this training plan anyway, so it’s all good.

This is why I wanted to write about this! I’m not super fit, nor am I the most intense exerciser, so I wanted to do this for the others who, like me, see the benefits and enjoyment out of various types of exercise but don’t *look* or *act* like your typical fitness enthusiast. I think I should note, rest does not equal doing nothing at all that day, I just did not do any planned exercise.

Monday: I did this Youtube video workout at home.

Tuesday: Ran 2 miles.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest (Also got over 10,000 steps from doing a lot of cleaning- vaccuming, bathrooms, laundry, etc.)

Sunday: Rest

I know it looks sad, but what I missed was a run on Thursday, strength training on Friday, and a run on both Saturday and Sunday. Every day this week, I was in bed by 9pm and up around 7 am (the latest I can wake up to start my day). I was tired and decided to listen to what my body needs and hope for a better week next week. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing all the fun GF lunches/dinners we ate last week!

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